3. FIS SKI WORLD CUP 2015 TELEMARK – 2. raceday, 27.11.2015

Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-150 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-149

Charlie Fradet (FRA) and Amelie Raymond (SUI) took first place on the parallel-sprint of the FIS Telemark World Cup taking place on Hintertux glacier today despite challenging wheather conditions.

On the second day of the FIS Telemark World Cup in Hintertux, 21 year old french Charlie Fradet had a surprise victory over yesterday’s winner Philippe Lau (FRA), Tobias Müller (GER) and Nicolas Michel (SUI). He won the men’s parallel-sprint race, 47,34 seconds ahead of 28-year old Bastien Dayer from Switzerland who unfortunately fell, losing too much time to catch up. Stefan Matter (28), also from Switzerland, earned 3rd place. In the women’s race Amelie Reymond (28) again from Team Swiss was able to reach first place with 0,23 seconds ahead of 20-year old german Johanna Holzmann. Simone Oehrli (26) from Switzerland won against her 21-year old, french competitor Argeline Tan Bouquet.

„Today’s race was pure excitement“ said austrian Telemarking-legend Arno Klien. „Especially at the men’s race as the actual favourites bowed out early.“ Charlie Fradet therefore was overjoyed: „It’s my first win! That is just crazy. It was a crazy day with a lot of emotions. Huge thanks to my whole team!“ Bastien Dayer, Stefan Matter and Simone Oehrli were visibly elated by their first time on the podium.

Despite worse weather conditions than yesterday it was a great day without any accidents. Tomorrow’s second round starts at 9.30 am and will hopefully be under better weather conditions and as exciting as today.

Here the pic’s of the day…

Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-170 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-169 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-168 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-167 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-166 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-165 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-160 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-161 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-162 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-163 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-164 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-148 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-147 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-146 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-145 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-144 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-138 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-139 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-140 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-141 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-142 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-143 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-137 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-136 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-135 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-134 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-133 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-132 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-126 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-127 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-128 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-129 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-130 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-131 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-125 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-124 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-123 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-122 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-121 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-120 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-114 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-115 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-116 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-117 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-118 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-119 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-113 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-112 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-111 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-110 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-109 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-108 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-102 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-103 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-104 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-105 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-106 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-107 Tux_2015_telemark_samstag-101