3. FIS SKI WORLD CUP 2015 TELEMARK – 3. raceday, 29.11.2015

Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-67 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-66

Philippe Lau (FRA) and Amelie Raymond (SUI) took first place on today’s last day of the FIS Telemark World Cup in Hintertux. Due to a poor weather forecast the category was changed from parallel-sprint to sprint, as seen on friday.

On the last day of the FIS Telemark World Cup in Hintertux, 29 year old, french Philippe Lau and 28-year old Amelie Raymond from Team Swiss once again prevailed against their competitors.

After the two race runs the french Philippe Lau won with a total time of 1:30,92 as well as Amelie Raymond who finished in 1:38,51. Both managed to be standing on the victory podium again. Lau was 0,8 seconds ahead of 28-year old Bastien Dayer from Switzerland. „I made a little mistake in the first race run, so I really did not expect to win today!“, said the 29-year old French. Tobias Müller from Germany earned 3rd place with a total time of 1:32,48.

In the women’s race Amelie Reymond (28) from Team Swiss once again was able to reach first place being 0,13 seconds ahead of 27-year old Mathilde Ilebrekke from Norway. Reymond’s total time was 1:38,51, Ilebrekke’s 1:38,64. Simone Oehrli (26) from Switzerland took 3rd place again , this time with a total of 1:41,83.

„I am so happy and thankful“ said Amelie Reymond. „Everything was perfectly organized. I am really looking forward to next year’s world cup in Hintertux!“

Here the pic’s of the day…

Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-71 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-70 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-69 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-68 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-65 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-64 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-63 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-62 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-61 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-60 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-59 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-58 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-57 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-56 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-55 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-54 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-53 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-52 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-51 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-50 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-49 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-48 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-47 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-46 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-45 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-44 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-43 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-42 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-41 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-40 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-39 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-38 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-37 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-36 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-35 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-34 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-33 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-32 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-31 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-30 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-29 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-28 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-27 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-26 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-25 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-24 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-23 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-22 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-21 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-20 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-19 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-18 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-17 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-16 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-15 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-14 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-13 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-12 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-11 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-10 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-9 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-8 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-7 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-6 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-5 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-4 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-3 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-2 Tux_2015_telemark_sonntag-1